Join us in building a stronger internet for a safer world! is a non-profit organisation that is passionate about making the digital world a better place. We bring together people, businesses and organisations that support our mission, by raising funds and investing capital in bright ideas that contribute to a safer cyber society. We provide a learning environment for those who want to expand their professional development, because we believe in chances and opportunities. turns money into action, and action into impact to make a difference in the online world!



The core values of are integrity, connectivity and empowerment, where is a dependable, independent and respected partner.

  • Mission stands for a healthy, secure and robust internet for everyone. By stimulating and financing innovative ideas, concepts and projects, enhances security in the digital world. Within a safe climate and a stimulating and encouraging environment, young adults can develop their knowledge, skills and experience. We are inclusive and have an open mindset. We are impartial and apolitical. Trust is our greatest asset.

  • Vision believes in the power of talent, the quality of the individual, and in the combined strength of these individuals working together. Based on a shared mindset and intrinsic drive to make the internet a safer place, brings together personal growth and joint development. People, companies and organisations join us on our mission to connect innovation, knowledge, capital and talent. The resulting synergy implies no ambition is too great, and no goal is unachievable, which strengthens the individual, the community and society.

  • Strategy

    To achieve its mission and vision in the first five years of its existence (2023 - 2027), has five strategic goals that are crucial for its success.

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”